How can I appeal my Fees Free eligibility or entitlement use?

If you’d like to appeal your Fees Free eligibility or entitlement use, the first step is to ask for a review.

To do this:

When you ask for a review, we’ll give you all the information we currently hold about your eligibility or entitlement use.

If you believe this information is incorrect, and/or you’d like to submit an appeal, we’ll ask you to give us further information to support your case.

You will then need to provide an explanation and evidence to satisfy us that:

  • the information we hold is incorrect, or
  • there are exceptional personal circumstances that justify writing off your Fees Free entitlement use, or making you eligible for Fees Free.

To decide whether exceptional personal circumstances apply, we consider applications on a case-by-case basis. Exceptional circumstances are uncommon and varied, so we need to assess all appeals independently and on their own merits.

Unsure of some of these terms? Check out our glossary.