What is a statutory declaration?

A statutory declaration is a written document that must be completed and then signed in front of an authorised witness, and is used when you need to confirm that something is true.

For Fees Free, we use a statutory declaration in cases when we don’t have enough information about your study and training history or citizenship/visa status.

If you’ve checked your eligibility status using the NSN checker on the home page and your status is ‘Maybe’, you first need to check whether you meet the eligibility criteria. If you do, you need to complete and submit a statutory declaration to let us know that you’re eligible for Fees Free. You can do this by following the steps from the ‘Maybe’ result page. We will ask you for information regarding your eligibility and identity and will email you a statutory declaration already filled in for you to sign in front of an authorised witness.

It's an offence to give any altered, false, incomplete or misleading information or to make a false statement or declaration, so it’s important that you only complete the statutory declaration if you meet the criteria for Fees Free.

A statutory declaration is not an application form and should not be used to check whether you meet the criteria. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible, read the eligibility criteria. Then contact us if you have any questions.

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