Do I need to apply to StudyLink to access Fees Free?

No, you do not need to apply to Studylink to access Fees Free. You can confirm your eligibility for Fees Free by entering your National Student Number (NSN) on the Fees Free homepage.

If your eligibility status is 'Yes’, you won’t need a student loan for your compulsory fees. If you are eligible for Fees Free and doing eligible study, your fees will be paid directly to your tertiary education organisation (TEO) by the Tertiary Education Commission.

However, if you are undertaking provider-based study you still need to apply to StudyLink if you wish to access the student allowance or loan for living costs.

If your fees exceed $12,000 (including GST) you may also need to apply to StudyLink if you need a student loan to cover these additional costs not covered by Fees Free.

Please note, if you are undertaking work-based learning, you are not eligible for a Student Allowance or Student Loan.

If you are not eligible for Fees Free, you will not be able to access Fees Free tertiary study or training. You may be eligible for financial support through a Student Loan. For more information go to

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