I need to submit a statutory declaration form to declare I am eligible for Fees Free. Do I need to do this by a certain date?

You need to submit your statutory declaration by midnight 31 December in your first year of eligible study or training. It doesn’t matter if the form isn’t processed by 31 December, but you must submit it to the Tertiary Education Commission by this date.

If you submit your statutory declaration form on, or after 1 January of the following year, you won’t be able to get Fees Free for any eligible study or training you did in your first year of study or training. Any study or training you did will still count as you ‘using’ Fees Free.

For example, if you are eligible and undertake 60 credits in 2019 but don’t submit a statutory declaration form you won’t get Fees Free for the 60 credits. However, you’ll still be considered to have ‘used’ fees-free entitlement in dollars and credits for those 60 credits.

If you are starting eligible study or training in 2020

You should check your eligibility for 2020 on the Fees Free website. Even if you completed a statutory declaration in 2018 or 2019, if you didn’t begin eligible study in 2018 or 2019 you may need to complete a new statutory declaration for 2020.

To access a 2020 statutory declaration, go to the homepage and enter your National Student Number (NSN).

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