Enter your National Student Number (NSN) to find out if you can get Fees Free study or training

Please note your NSN will be a maximum of 9 digits. If the number you have is more than 9 digits and starts with a 0 please remove the 0 before adding your number.

Enter your National Student Number (NSN) to find out if you can get fees-free study or training.

If you have an NSN, but can’t remember what it is, contact your school or provider. You can also contact the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) on 0800 697 296 (between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday) or by email through the NZQA website.

What is Fees Free?

Fees Free tertiary education and training is a policy introduced in 2018 to expand participation in tertiary education and reduce student debt in New Zealand. It is targeted towards first-time learners. Fees Free covers up to $12,000 for one year’s study or two years’ training, paid directly to your tertiary education organisation.

To access Fees Free, you must meet the eligibility criteria, and your course or programme must also be eligible. Check the eligibility criteria for Fees Free here.

Enter your National Student Number (NSN) into the tool above to find out about your current eligibility status and next steps.

Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF)

The TTAF ended on 31 December 2022. Study or training you did that was covered by the TTAF will not affect your eligibility or entitlement to Fees Free. If you started using Fees Free prior to using the TTAF, you’ll be able to continue to access Fees Free if you have remaining entitlement.

If you started studying or training under the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF), and wish to access Fees Free in 2023, please check your eligibility for 2023 using the tool above.


Are you eligible for Fees Free but were unable to complete your study due to COVID-19? Please enter your NSN in the tool above and submit a COVID-19 Entitlement Appeal.