Can I use a statutory declaration that wasn’t generated on the Fees Free website?

To declare your eligibility for Fees Free, it’s important that you use a statutory declaration generated from the Fees Free website. This ensures that:

  • the statutory declaration has the correct personalised statements for you to declare your eligibility for Fees Free
  • the statutory declaration has a unique Transaction-ID linked to your National Student Number (NSN) and other information you provide to us. When we receive and process your statutory declaration, this link lets us update the eligibility status for your NSN and tell your tertiary education organisation that you’re eligible for Fees Free.

If you submit a statutory declaration to us that was not generated on the Fees Free website, we may ask you to generate a new one by entering your NSN on the Fees Free home page. You’ll need to have the new declaration signed in front of an authorised witness.

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