Elijah is a creative person. He knew he wanted to pursue his interest in the arts, but financial considerations had him thinking about other options. Elijah heard friends talking about Fees Free. He decided to look it up and see what it was all about. To Elijah’s surprise the Fees Free website only needed his NSN number to check if he is eligible. He immediately got a ‘yes’ answer.

Elijah saw potential opportunities and way to pursue the career he wants. Now he’s learning and gaining skills in an area he is passionate about. Elijah encourages others to go onto the Fees Free website and check their eligibility. “It made such a massive impact on me and I think it could do the same for a lot of other people,” he says.

Like Elijah, you could be eligible for Fees Free. If you’re facing a career hurdle or would like to change careers, Fees Free can help.

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