Undertaken study and/or training

For provider-based study, this means a learner has used equivalent full-time student (EFTS)/credits in a course.

To have “undertaken” a course, a learner needs to have enrolled in a course. A learner does not have to have achieved EFTS/credits (i.e completed the course with a pass grade) or participated in the course.

If a learner withdraws from a course within the provider’s specified withdrawal timeframes for a refund, EFTS/credits will not be counted as undertaken.

However, if the learner did not withdraw from the course until after the withdrawal date EFTS/credits will be counted as undertaken.

To have “undertaken” industry training, a learner must have completed unit standards through an industry training programme. That is, the learner has achieved credits relating to those unit standards.


Withdrawing from study or training

A “withdrawal” is when a learner stops participating in a course, programme or training scheme (regardless of whether they have been refunded any fees), either:

  • by providing notice to their organisation that they wish to withdraw participation, or
  • as a result of non-attendance or non-participation for any reason.