I started fees-free study/training in 2018 or 2019. I’m continuing study/training in 2020, do I need to re-check my eligibility?

If you’re changing education types – yes. For example, if you did industry training in 2018 and want to do eligible provider-based study in 2019 you’ll need to check your eligibility again.

If you’re doing the same type of education – no. For example, if you’re doing eligible provider-based study in 2018 and are continuing this in 2019, you don’t need to check your eligibility again.

If you’re not sure whether you need to re-check your eligibility for 2019 please contact us.

Please note that whether you’re able to get fees-free support in 2019 will depend on how many credits (EFTS) and how much fees-free entitlement you used in 2018. Check out 'If I did less than $12,000 worth of study in 2018, can I carry the rest over to another year?' for more information on carryover.

Unsure of some of these terms? Check out our glossary.